TOP 12 Artworks of Salon des Refusés 2018

As voted by all visitors to the exhibition, here are the TOP 12 Artworks of this year’s Salon des Refusés Exhibition.

#1 Fern Boy by Cristina Schek

50x60cm, Photograph, 2017.

Cristina Schek 2:2 - 'Fern Boy', 2017 by Cristina Schek

#2 Brexit Gin Lane by Demitri The Krah

61x86cm, Etching/Engraving on panel/Board, 2018.

Demitri The Krah

#3 Krater by Celia Macpherson

23x843x43cm, Clay, 2017.



#4 Stream in a Freezing Misty Dawn by Claud Money

85x85cm, Acrylic on Board.

Claud Money

#5 The Chavs Progress by Isaac McKenzie

80x110cm, Hard ground etching, 2017.

Isaac Mckenzie - 2:2 - 2D3A965D-4102-4651-99EB-C00366DC8334

#6 English Breakfast, with Mail by Kevin Raftery

100x100cm, printed dibond panel, tablecloth, tableware, 2018.

Kevin Raftery

#7 ‘Eleven Years Under’ by Jacky Chapman – 732 children shot in 2017 in the USA

65x68x88cm, Plaster casting with air dried clay (painted) and metal, 2018.

732 children (age 0-11) killed or injured in the USA in 2017. Source:  Gun Violence Archives/Guardian

#8 Moonlight by Marina Emphietzi 

83x63cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2017.

Marina Emphietzi

#9 ’24 54′ by Sharon Harvey

91x91cm, Acrylic and resin on board, 2018.

Version 2

#10 Blueprint / Boobprint by Sophia Gravina

87x87cm, Acrylic on card, 2018

Sophia Gravina

#11 Stairway to Heaven by Errol Robertson

185x215x215cm, Wood, metal, vinyl, plastic & fabric on MDF base layer, 2018

Errol Robertson - Stairway - Front View

#12 Danse Macabre by Jill Desborough

20x85x26cm, Sculpture / Mixed Media, 2018

Jill Desbo - Danse Macabre

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