Internship & Volunteering

Internships & Volunteering at Salon des Refusés Exhibition

Temporary Gallery Assistant

Deadline: Tuesday 28th May 2019

Join the Salon des Refusés team as an intern and you’ll gain valuable experience working at a gallery, organizing an exhibition, working with artists and art collectors at the Opening Reception and during tge exhibition. Learn new, practical skills.

An internship at Salon des Refusés exhibition coordinated by Happenstance Art and Framing will enable you to participate in some odof the most exciting gallery work in a really stimulating enviroment. This will in turn give you a number of formal and informal learning opportunities that will assits you with your future career.

You don’t need previous experience of working in a gallery to undertake this internship. During your internship, you’ll receive support from our team.

The internship will take place in eadt and north London from 30th May til 16th June 2019.

To apply for this internship e-mail with your CV and a covering letter. Please describe your skills and talents and what you are looking to learn during this internship.

Location: London

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